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Gina Matos

Gina has been a leader in the beauty industry in the south Florida area, focusing her skill on threading. Being one of the first beauty professionals to provide eyebrow threading in Coral Gables, Gina is highly sought after by her existing and new clients.


Gina is truly an eyebrow artist that has been defining and creating the perfect eyebrow arch for each of her clients.


After many requests from her clients and extensive training from world renowned microbladers, Gina is now offering Microblading services. There is no need to fly to L.A., New York or London to get realistic looking eyebrows. Make your appointment for a consultation with Gina for Microblading and enjoy perfectly shaped eyebrows.  


Eyebrows speak louder than words!



123 Madeira Av.

Suite 101

Coral Gables, FL 33134

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